Current international projects


Duration: 1.10.2015 r. - 30.09.2019 r.
Aim: EPOS is integrating the diverse, but advanced European Research Infrastructures for solid Earth Science, and will build on new e-science opportunities to monitor and understand the dynamic and complex solid-Earth System. The EPOS Implementation Phase project (EPOS IP) builds on the achievements of the successful EPOS preparatory phase project (EPOS PP); it is dedicated to realize the key elements of the EPOS implementation phase: the legal and governance framework, the financial framework for all its components, and a successful transition from the preparatory phase to the operational phase, being synergetic and coherent with the establishment of the EPOS-ERIC.
Contact: Tomasz Szepieniec, e-mail: t.szepieniec at, phone: (+48 12) 632 33 55 ext. 310
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Duration: 1.02.2016 r. - 31.01.2019 r.
Aim: Valvular Heart Disease currently affects 2.5% of the population, but is overwhelmingly a disease of the elderly and consequently on the rise. It is dominated by two conditions, Aortic Stenosis and Mitral Regurgitation, both of which are associated with significant morbidity and mortality, yet which pose a truly demanding challenge for treatment optimisation. By combining multiple complex modelling components developed in recent EC-funded research projects, a comprehensive, clinically-compliant decision-support system will be developed to meet this challenge, by quantifying individualised disease severity and patient impairment, predicting disease progression, ranking the effectiveness of alternative candidate procedures, and optimising the patient-specific intervention plan. This algorithmically-driven process will dramatically improve outcomes and consistency across Europe in this fast-growing patient group, maximising individual, societal and economic outcomes.
Contact: Marian Bubak, e-mail: bubak at, phone: (+48 12) 328 33 56
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Duration: 1.04.2015 r. - 30.09.2017 r.
Aim: The project aims at the development of the PaaS (Platform as a Service) environment, which will enable to conduct the large-scale calculations, integrating the grid and cloud resources and providing unified access to computing- and data storage resources.
Contact: Łukasz Dutka, e-mail: l.dutka at, phone: (+48 12) 632 33 55
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Duration: 1.03.2015 r. - 31.08.2017 r.
Aim: The aim of the project is to accelerate the implementation of the Open Science Commons by expanding the capabilities of a European backbone of federated services for computing, storage, data, communication, knowledge and expertise, complementing community-specific capabilities.
Contact: Mariusz Sterzel, e-mail: m.sterzel at, phone: (+48 12) 632 33 55 ext. 314
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Duration: 1.02.2015 r. - 30.04.2017 r.
Aim: The PRACE-4IP project is designed to build on and seamlessly continue the successes of the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) and start new innovative and collaborative activities. These include: assisting the transition to PRACE 2; strengthening the internationally recognised PRACE brand; preparing strategies and best practices towards exascale computing, coordinating and enhancing the operation of the multi-tier HPC systems and services, and supporting and educating users to exploit massively parallel systems and novel architectures.
Contact: Łukasz Dutka, e-mail: l.dutka at, phone: (+48 12) 632 33 55
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