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Current national projects


Duration: 1.12.2017 r. - 30.11.2020 r.
Aim: The main objective of the project is to provide satellite data coming from the Sentinel satellites of the Copernicus network. The project will create an infrastructure for automatically downloading data directly from satellites, their secure storage and sharing for the purposes of science, administration and training.
Contact: Mariusz Sterzel, e-mail: m.sterzel at cyfronet.pl, phone: (+48 12) 632 33 55 ext. 314



Duration: 1.04.2017 r. - 31.03.2020 r.
Aim: Gliomas are incurable despite progress in surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Specific diagnosis of the type of glioma, early detection of molecular progression, characterization of critical mutations or epigenetic characteristics in individual patient give hope to improve treatment results. We plan to develop a comprehensive diagnostic test based on analysis of the material obtained from the tumor via surgery or biopsy. This will lead to a liquid biopsy-type method based on tumor cfDNA in blood, which could be a quick and minimally invasive alternative to biopsy.
The results will contribute to better understanding of glioma biology and will lead to identification of new molecular biomarkers. The proposed diagnostic test would improve treatment results by therapy individualization and liquid biopsy will improve safety, comfort and enable to monitor disease course and treatment in a new way.
Contact: Tomasz Gubała, e-mail: t.gubala at cyfronet.pl, phone: (+48 12) 632 33 55 ext. 704



Duration: 1.01.2017 r. - 31.12.2021 r.
Aim: The project aims at building the national research infrastructure for solid Earth Science and its integration with international databases and services implemented under the European Plate Observing System (EPOS). The research infrastructure of the EPOS program is based on existing national research infrastructures, managed and financed by national communities. The EPOS program assumes that national research infrastructures will be integrated into EPOS National Centers. These centers will provide comprehensively unified data from a specific field (e.g. seismology, geodesic, geological, etc.).
Contact: Tomasz Szepieniec, e-mail: t.szepieniec at cyfronet.pl, phone: (+48 12) 632 33 55 ext. 310
More info: https://epos-pl.eu/

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